Blaca hermitage is a very important historical part of Brač, whose great story has developed in dangerous times. In the 16th century there was a threat from the Ottoman Empire on land, so two priests escaped to the island of Brač with a plan to build a new sanctuary there. The Bishop of Hvar-Brač pointed them at the Ljubitovica cave a good spot on the south side of the island, a big cave located in the embrace of the hill. Their initial land was donated by noblemen.


Next challenge was to get the approval from the nobles (who were then in charge), located in Nerežišće – main center of administration at the time.  After a few years they got the permission and started to build an architecturally amazing building in this inaccessible place. What they managed to do is a really astounding. Come to our tour and witness closely this interesting story.

First we pick you up at your location. Tour starts with a ride through Nerežišće village – historically important place, center of power, where nobles from Brač gathered to discuss about important questions for the island. In the main square notice the chapel of st. Peter and Paul, and miracle bonsai tree growing on its roof. 

Further, the road leads us to the old Austrian macadam where you can enjoy in great view of the surrounding hills and unique black pine forest which grows only in enough high places and creates a nice thick shadow, a real summer bliss. 

Soon after, the road is reconnecting to the next fine macadam and leads to the south side.  We park above the hermitage and start the descending walk to the monastery, approximately half an hour (depending on your physical shape). Enter the Blaca hermitage and listen to the great story about priests who managed to build this remarkable building with an amazing cure for the details. It is a story about astronomy, schooling, self sustaining agriculture and economy. After one hour, hike back to the parking place and enjoy the beautiful landscape around you. When you reach the vehicle, finally relax at your seat and enjoy ride back to your location.


Supetar / pickup point

Nerežišće / Ride through old town

Blaca / Walk to hermitage, story about Blaca

Supetar / Return to Supetar


The price includes a ride in an all-terrain vehicle, driver and a guide, entrance fee for the hermitage Blaca, water and snacks.


Arriving from Split: Take the 09:00 ferry from Split, or arrange arrival to Supetar with your travel agent.

Return to Split: 18:00 ferry.

Located on Brač: We will pick you up at your location, or organize your transfer to a meeting point.

Departures from: Milna, Sutivan, Supetar, Splitska, Postira, Nerežišća, Selca, Povlja, Pučišća and Bol.

Departure time: 09:00, or as per group suggestion.