While you are in Dalmatia use the opportunity to try flavors from our region. On our Brac tours you will have a chance to hear that these tastes have a history of transformation that reach to the ancient times. In the past there were many influences from different nations and traditions, and many of these stories mixed together through time. That also influenced the way of food preparation and that evolution gave way to some amazing products.

People own animals, grow their own food on fields, and still in modern times many locals live this  way. It is not an easy life, they wake up when sun is rising and work all day no matter how  the weather is. It is a hard job without much earnings but the result of that burden is fabulous, great products, which are an award in them self. So, the idea for this tour was born from that picture. Traditional sheep’s milk cheese, family tradition of wine making, interesting old cake recipes, indispensable Brač lamb. These lambs are known for living free on the meadows and eating healthy herbs their whole life, so taste of their meat has a special flavor.

Come with us and we will show you their story, through this gastro tour. First visit Nerežišće village and enjoy in cheese tasting in pleasant surrounding. After tasting go further to the neighbor Senjković family and try their famous wines with quick bites of dalmatian prosciutto, cheese and olives. Relax and feel the summer breeze around you, enjoy in doing nothing but being there. That feeling is what we here in Dalmatia call Fjaka, state of mind, enjoying in doing nothing, a God given state of mind as Dalmatians like to affirm. Later, the tour is leading you to the inner part of the island to the old Gažul village. There you will have the chance to eat Brač lamb. Forest surrounds this wonderful place and deep shadow is everywhere which is very pleasant in a summer day. After lamb, for a dessert go to Dol village to taste amazing traditional cake called Hrapačuša which is only made here by the old recipe. It is difficult to pronounce the name of this cake but it is very easy to enjoy eating it.


Nerežišće / charming village, cheese tasting

Senjković / wine tasting, quick bites of Dalmatian specialties

Gažul / traditional grill lamb

Dol / traditional cake Hrapačuša


The price includes a ride in an all-terrain vehicle, driver and a guide. All 4 sequences of food is included in price.


Arriving from Split: Take the 09:00 ferry from Split, or arrange arrival to Supetar with your travel agent.

Return to Split: 18:00 ferry.

Located on Brač: We will pick you up at your location, or organize your transfer to a meeting point.

Departures from: Milna, Sutivan, Supetar, Splitska, Postira, Nerežišća, Selca, Povlja, Pučišća and Bol.

Departure time: 09:00, or as per group suggestion.