Get into the terrain vehicle and start an off road adventure all across the island. Brač is full of unexplored parts, old macadam roads, hidden special places which are all connected if you know how to reach them.


So let’s start from the old shepherds path which leads to huge active stone quarries.  Enjoy in the view of this gentle stone giants where you can notice nice echo around. From there you can see in the distance, on the neighboring hill, village Nerežišća with a  landscape like in Tolkien stories. Then, passing through that narrow village, come out on the old Austrian macadam road which passes along the edge of the hill, with a  beautiful view on the forest around. Passing near the old Austrian water supplier system, road goes uphill land  joins the next macadam, which leads to the south side, near to Blace Monastery. Listen to the amazing story about priests from 16st.  Surrounded by huge flat hills around and great sea view, adventure is continued driving downhill to the bays with turquoise colored sea.


You don’t need a diving mask to see what’s going on down there in the blue world. Smrka is one of these bays, still undiscovered by people. Refresh and continue driving on the wild side where civilization is far enough to hear the nature sounds of crickets and where you can smell pines and the sea around you. Getting closer to Milna, road is leading through the olive fields. If you look closer you can probably see young small olives growing on trees. These places become magical when the olive picking season starts. Passing Milna, one of the deepest bays and most secure for ships, reach the st.Martin hill by old shepard route from where you have view on land – town of Split and Kaštela, north side. 

Sometimes you can see a horse or a donkey, people here still use them. Also you can see the old water supply system. Pass through the near village of Bobovišća and Ložišća and feel the traditional vibe, „fjaka“is in the air. On the way back relax in your seat and allow yourself to be charmed by wine fields and pure dalmatian landscape around you, a day to remember.


Donji Humac / Stone quarries

Nerežišća /Ride through old town

Blaca Monastery / Listen story from neighbour hill

Smrka Bay / Fast refreshment

Milna / Passing through

St.Martin / Top of the hill, beautiful view on landscape

Bobovišće / View old traditional village

Ložišće / Village on the hill with famous church tower

Return to start location


The price includes a ride in an all-terrain vehicle, driver and a guide.


P.S. Bring a bathing suit with you!


Arriving from Split: Take the 09:00 ferry from Split, or arrange arrival to Supetar with your travel agent.

Return to Split: 18:00 ferry.

Located on Brač: We will pick you up at your location, or organize your transfer to a meeting point.

Departures from: Milna, Sutivan, Supetar, Splitska, Postira, Nerežišća, Selca, Povlja, Pučišća and Bol.

Departure time: 09:00, or as per group suggestion.