Zlatni Rat beach is a natural made pebble beach, one of the most famous tourist symbols of the Adriatic coast.  Of course it is, when you look at it’s unusual shape, pure turquoise water and the fact that the beach is absolutely natural. It was created by gradually stacking the stones from Vidova Gora, also sea currents, south-west and north-east wind was responsible for the birth of it’s fabulous shape.

Zlatni Rat beach is also protected by the government of Croatia as a geo-morphological monument. It’s 1000 m long, and behaves like a living giant, always moving right or left, depending on which current is stronger that day. It is also a famous place for skilled surfers because strong wind blows during the day.

If you are interested in visiting Zlatni Rat, join us on the tour On The Way To The Zlatni Rat Bol.

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