Create your own experience

Customised tours give you the opportunity to create your own adventure with our guidance, knowledge and hospitality.

Our goal is to provide you with a safe and long lasting experience on our stunning island of Brac. We are here to help you create your own experience with our wealth of knowledge.

Choose what you want to discover, feel or taste, or give us your input on what kind of adventure you want to experience and we will make it happen.

Whether you are looking for the best getaway to surprise your romantic partner or you want to surprise your family with a trip they will remember forever, we have you.

The start of the trip will be according to your wishes and the places to be discovered will be planned according to the things and places you want to explore and discover. Here in Dalmatia we say “pomalo” and that means “decelerate”, so there is no rush. This day belongs to you.

With a private tour you can:

  • Set the pace and we will help you design a trip that suits your needs and requirements
  • You have full privacy and comfort
  • You get a local professional that speaks fluent English – to drive you and take care of you
  • Pick your vehicle for this unique adventure
  • Please contact us with your requirements so we can start planning your special day on our special island
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